Our Stone Houses

Cabras' houses, where you will feel the warmth of the stone with their windows opening to the unique view of the Kaz Mountains, high ceilings and spacious interiors, are waiting to welcome you as if you were in your own village. You will discover the magical atmosphere of the Kaz Mountains and all the beauties of village life in our unique houses built entirely with stone architecture and inspired by nature.

Cabras, with labor and love in every stone, offers much more than just an accommodation place. As you step through the gardens, you can taste the freshest fruits offered by the seasons and feel like you are in your own garden. You can have a perfect start to the day with your breakfast accompanied by the sounds of birds, while breathing the freshest air in the morning.

Cabras has thought of every detail for an experience in the comfort of your home, but in touch with nature. Our large and spacious rooms are equipped with designs that combine the naturalness of stone with modern comfort. Cabras, which combines the spirit of the Kaz Mountains with the warmth of our homes at any time of the day, is waiting for you.

Take walks in nature throughout the day, stargaze under clear skies, or simply enjoy the silence. Cabras is an escape point for everyone who wants to experience the richness of village life in the tranquility of the Kaz Mountains.

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